Saturday, June 9, 2018

Where is Your Beach?

     With summer fast approaching, I got thinking about beaches and where I should be heading to find a great one to spend some time on.  Key West is not known for its beaches, so it is to the south that my mind thinks about when I think about a beach.
     The first place that comes to mind is the out islands of the Abacos in the Bahamas.   Places like Treasure Cay and Great Guana Cay come to mind.  These are the eastern most cays of the Bahama chain of islands and are right up against the Atlantic Ocean.  The deep blue colors of the waters on the eastern side of the cays and the “crystal bay” waters between them make for an absolutely beautiful beach environment.

     The Virgin Islands also have some really wonderful beaches to share with you as well, places like Honeymoon Beach, White Bay, Cane Garden Bay and so many more.  One of my favorites is to find a hammock on White Bay and relax in front of the Soggy Dollar with a “Painkiller” and enjoy.

    Grenada’s Grand Anse is another of the long beautiful beaches that are really great to walk along, especially in the afternoon.  This is a beach that seems to go on for miles and miles as you roam from beach bar to beach bar and enjoy yourself.

     There are so many fabulous beaches throughout the Caribbean and Southern Atlantic that come to mind and these are only a few of them.  There are terrific beaches in Barbados, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Antigua, St. Lucia just to name a few.  So this summer just get out there and find your beach and enjoy the sun and surf, but be safe when you do, the sun can be very dangerous especially in the lower lattitudes.