Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sergeant Classick Rums

     Last September I was in Mountain View, California for my 50th high school reunion, but I forgot that there was a rum distillery just a couple of miles from where I was staying.   I spent one afternoon looking for a suitable rum for the weekend of the reunion, and final found one, but I just needed to stop at the Sergeant Classick Distillery.
     "Dave ‘Sgt.’ Classick, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran, returned from combat and fell in love with the Hawaiian Islands. In seeking his true vocation, he discovered a talent for making (as well as drinking) fine rum. And thus, seeing the islands with sugar cane stretching as far as the eye could see, he set out to create his own."
      "Now you too can share in Sgt. Classick’s affection for exotic spirits. Crafted in the traditional manner of fine rum makers the world over; each batch is hand-distilled in the finest alambic copper pot stills and gathered in pails a few drops at a time. Sgt. Classick’s rum has a depth of flavor unlike any rum you’ve ever tasted".

      The amber color leads you into the toasty vanilla and brown sugar notes on the nose.   Your first sip presents unsweetened cocoa, cherry, fresh suede, crème brulée and dark roasted spice nuts.   It finishes with singed cane stalk and a peppery finish.   Aging in oak provides the rum  with the  medium bodied character.   This is a genuine rich rum that provides fine taste for a young rum.