Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yolo Rum: Another Fine Rum from Don Pancho Fernandez

Phillip Guerin
     Yolo Rum was one of the discoveries from the 2015 Miami Rum Festival that has come home with me.   They have a ten year old rum and a silver expression from which to choose.  The idea, the philosophy came first, says Phillip Guerin, .   The brand's name is the acronym for the popular credo  "you only live once."  Next, he and his wife went on a search for a fine rum and discovered Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez, a Cuban master rum blender (ronero), who lives in Panama and now distributes two of his formulas exclusively through Yolo   Yolo also added another Gold Medal to their collection in Miami.

    The silver is a very clean mixer that works well in any cocktail because it is not encumbered with added flavors of its own to upset the balance of your cocktail.   This is a rum that suits my taste with Barritt’s Ginger Beer, as an evening refresher, It allows the flavor of the rum and the mixer to combine in a cocktail that really tastes like it is suppose to.

     The ten year expression on the other hand is one that truly stands alone.  It is a honest and real sipper.  Don Pancho has come through again for the people of Yolo Rums.  His mastery of the aged rums really shines through in this wonderful little rum.   It has an aroma of dried fruits and bourbon that slides across your palate with an incredible smoothness.  It has a lasting finish of vanilla and caramel from the oak barrel.

     Both of these rums are of a fine quality and a welcome addition to my rum collection.  ;o)