Sunday, August 26, 2012

This is NOT Reality TV Anymore

     Things are starting to go down hill fairly quickly here in Key West.   The winds are sustained at about 21 mph and so far this morning it is dry.   We are at the center of the cone of uncertainty with hurricane warnings all around us.

Stephanie Abrams
     As pretty as Stephanie Abrams is, you know that it isn't a good thing when the Weather Channel comes to town.     We are the center of the media blitz for Isaac, at least for the moment, or until Isaac moves past us later today and heads up into the gulf.  It is interesting that we are getting as much media coverage as the politicians are on the week of their conventions.   Cool.

     At least this one is just going to be a minimal hurricane, or maybe still a strong tropical storm, the difference is little and because of the direction that it is coming from the storm surge will be minimal as well.    Hurricanes are really no joke, and if you don't prepare the price can be very high.   If you haven't gotten ready, time is running out and you need to begetting on it with earnest.  You are not only effecting yourself, but your neighbors and friends as well. 

    The preparation is done for most of us, and it is time to hunker down, party a bit, and wait for this thing to blow on through and get life back to normal again.     All of us are enjoying the break from the hot and humid weather that led us into the storm, but Isaac has brought a nice respite from the summer.

     I'm off to the Rum Bar now and getting ready for Rum Church which will get started as soon as the congregation arrives at noon or so.  We will be stay open for as long as the weather will let us today, and I can still jump on the scooter and head home without being blown into the sea. 

     Depending on what happens in the next 24 hours, I may or may not be able to get a blog out for tomorrow, but tip a great rum and keep yourself safe and we'll report what we see tomorrow.  Hopefully any how.   ;o)