Friday, May 11, 2012

Bark Juice Looks Like a Huge Success

     The new Bahama Bob's Bark Juice looks to be a huge success in it's first few weeks of sales.   The flavor is much different that of the Root Juice, and a milder and smoother flavor and finish.   This one is actually sippable, not just a shot that you need to slam.

     The process of soaking the barks in the 30% honey and 70% Rhine wine for two weeks then casting it off prior to introducing the 151 proof rum has made a significant difference in the flavor of the Bark Juice.    There is a very strong woodsy flavor to the rum with notes of cinnamon and fruitiness on the nose.   The palate gives you flavors from the Balise bitters barks as well as the other selected barks yielding the really woody and wine flavors in a uniquely complex mix.    The finish is some what hot because of the 151 proof rum, but a very smooth and flavorful conclusion to the experience that lasts for quite a long time.

     I  have to say that as successful as the Root Juice was passing 45 gallons of 151 through the bottle in 28 or so months, I feel like this the Bark Juice is going to do even better and hold it's consistency very well too.    Stop by the Rum Bar in Key West and buy yourself a shot and join the group that is growing every day.    ;o)