Thursday, January 12, 2012

Historic Seaport by Night

     The Historic Seaport in Key West takes on a new and wonderful life of it's own as you walk along the boardwalk in the evening.    Last night three friends and myself started out at the "Conch Farm" for dinner and then proceeded to mosey along the boardwalk to the ferry terminal and back.    The post storm atmosphere was great especially being able to see the outline of all the ships and boats from dinghy's, to schooners, to large motoryachts and we proceeded.  

     With dinner completed, it was time to walk on down the boardwalk and see what the docks had to offer tonight.     Schooner Wharf was the first stop where we ran into a couple of acquaintances and chatted a bit with them .    Next stop was for an after dinner coffee on the pier.    Nice warm break from the cooling evening air coming off of the water.    Now it is back on the docks and wandering past the Turtle Kraal Museum, the statue of the old "wrecker", and on down to the Ferry Terminal.

     Along the way it is fun to look at the great schooners and old sailing ships like the "Western Union", an old cable laying ship that has been here in Key West for years.     Further down the way we run a cross the modern day yachts and it is fun to wonder what it would be like to be able to just live on such a vessel.

    Your imagination is a wonderful thing and taking it with you as you wander around here in Key West takes you anywhere you want to go without ever leaving the "home port".    This has been a great evening of dinner and "high seas" adventure that I look forward to visiting again soon.   ;o)