Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sunrise to Sunset, a Day Trip From Key West to Havana and Back

Farming in Northwesst Cuba 

     Monday's day trip to Havana from Key West was a really great experience.  We took-off from Key West International Airport at 8 am and by 9 we were touching down at Jose Marti International Airport just outside of Havana.   After a quick trip through customs and immigration, we were off to Old Havana and a day of visitation through Old Havana, a cigar rolling experience, local lunch and a rum tasting.

Old Havana Streets
Harbor Entrance from Prada
     Half of the excitement of the trip was the traveling through the neighborhoods of residential Havana.  Getting to walk through the narrow streets and seeing all of the shops, bars, restaurants, and other places.  We held out rum tasting on the veranda of a local family in


     The touring through Old Havana with Essence of Cuba, availed us of a great number of historic and quaint places.  Havana
Jose Marti Monument
El Capitolio
is filled with so much history that relates both the Cubans and the interaction of the United States with Cuba through the years.   Seeing
such places as the Jose Marti Memorial, Revolution Square, The entrance to the Havana Harbor all bring up how the Americans and the Cubans have related to each other for several centuries.

Suburban Hospital
Down the Runway to Home
     If you should get an opportunity to visit Cuba on one of these educational programs, they are very rewarding not to mention how much you can learn while you are in country.   It is an opportunity to see a grand overall picture of the Cuban lifestyles.  Coming from the airport you can see the agricultural
areas that turn to some industrial, urban and finally to the city living.  It is hard to believe that a city as large as Havana is just 90
or so miles from Key West.

Sunset as WE arrive at Key West Customs