Monday, September 18, 2017

Today Residents Were Allowed Back Into Key West

     Today began the return of the residents.  For the first time, those that evacuated were allowed to return to their homes.  There were a number of businesses that call for their employees to come to work and begin the clean-up and get them ready for opening soon.

     Winn Dixie and one of the Publix grocery stores were open and had fairly well stocked shelves today.   For the first time there wasn't a two hour line in front of the stores to get inside.  Entry and exit was more like the normal.

     Power and water is getting  back on in more and more of the areas.  This is critical as the residents return.  However there have bee periodic power failures from time to time.  All things considered these haven't be much more that a nuisance.

     It was good to see so many of my friends returning and know that they had gotten out and back safely.   These post Irma get together's in the afternoon have really made the experience more enjoyable.  Keeping up the morale is so important in the face of the overwhelming tasks that have to be completed.  A mental break make it so much easier.

     Day to day things seem to improve and improvement is the most important ting to see in order to keep going under these conditions.