Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Know Why I Moved to Key West.

Talladega Speedway Yesterday
     I am sure that most of you know that I made a living as an engineer working with NASCAR race teams before moving to Key West.  This meant that I spent the month of January commuting between Talladega and Daytona Speedways for testing.    Nancy Wood from the Wood Brothers Race team posted a picture yesterday of the Talladega Speedway that reminds me why I became a bartender.  There were many mornings in Daytona the were in the upper 20's when we arrived at the track for testing and the same if not colder in Talladega.   I remember Loudon in June being snowed out when we went there for testing as well.

Key West This Morning
     I remember going to Richmond, Atlanta, and Rockingham in February and March and huddling around barn heaters trying to get warm while the icicles were hanging off of the lift gates on the haulers.
     It was so cold some mornings that the computers did not want to start up.   No Thanks!!  I'll take my life today here in Key West and struggle with occasional rain storm and 50 degree nights in the winter and just smile.

     Best wishes to all my friends that still make their living in the game, and may your season this year be an enjoyable and successful one.  Keep it safe and make everyone proud of the year ahead. 

     No I'll just stay here and enjoy my new life and think of all the fun you guys are having today.  ;o)