Friday, October 9, 2015

Looking Skyward

   The fun thing about Key West lies in the way you can just look up and you will see things that awe you and make you smile.  Leaving my marina on the dinghy, I spotted an Osprey soaring above that was so colorful and regal as he soared above the waters.  The way that he road on the breezes and soared above me made me wish to be flying again.   Between the birds, mammals, and marine life around here I am never bored by my surroundings.

     Even as I walk the docks around the different marinas of Key West and Stock Island, I find the land and the sky will always provide me with visions of grandeur that are hard to imagine.  The way that the land and the sky come together is very special and constantly changing ,every minute, yielding some very spectacular vistas for me and my camera.

Following the day to its conclusion usually
means that the ere will be a sunset unique unto itself.   The sunsets around Key West and so regularly inspiring like nowhere else and stare your eyes  until the fade into the ocean.   I find it hard to believe that it took me so many years to find this
place and how much that I enjoy it every day.  People often tell me that I am living the dream, and I guess if I think about it I really am.  ;o)