Friday, March 2, 2012

Magical Tour: Duval Street, Key West

     Duval Street is one of the best known streets in the country.  Just like Bourbon Street and Broadway, Duval street is one of those magical streets that produce the unexpected and the fun of a carnival.     You turn your head and you never know what or who is going to be walking down the street right in front of you.     It could be a celebrity or and every day person that is just having the time of their life.    The rules are few, and the fun is legendary.     The weather really doesn't matter, people down here take it in stride.   They can manage to get through with some very creative methods, but seem to be able to keep the party happening no matter what.

     The street is only 1.1 miles long and is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the South and the Gulf of Mexico on the North.     The North end of Duval Street is the boisterous and loud end of Duval Street with her loud party bars and the center for most of the festivals.    It is the end that almost daily receives the guests from all of the cruise ships that arrive here in Key West.    If you can imagine it, you can probably find it on Duval Street.   There are many restaurants, shops, boutiques, and the most unique Walgreen Drug Store in the USA.     That doesn't even begin to describe the mass of T-Shirt and novelty shops that are scattered her entire length.

     The South end of Duval street is the artist and  butterfly end.   A collection of eclectic bed and breakfasts, a butterfly conservatory, and a plethora of artist's galleries line this end of the legendary street.     This is known as the "quiet end of Duval", although it is not exactly quiet, but it tends to be a bit calmer than the Northern end.    There are many really good restaurants, unique and folksy bars rather than the head banging establishments.   

     The street is the host to festivals that run the gamut from A to Z throughout the year.   Of course she is the home of the annual October extravaganza known as "Fantasyfest".     This street is always loaded with people, bicycles, scooter, trolleys and cars.    People who usually go home with stiff necks from gawking at the unusual that is the usual on Duval Street.    If you haven't been here you should stop on by sometime, you will leave in absolute wonderment with a smile on your face.    There are trolleys and trains to take you around Key West and Duval Street that have guides to tell you about the many attractions in the areas around Duval Street.    There is so much history and fun attached to this little strip of land that you can not even begin to see it all in a month staying here in Key West.    Come for the fun and enjoy the history of this fun place at the end of the road.  ;o)