Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Back in the Real World

     After eight days in the era of 1959, it is great to be back in the modern world with internet and everything.   Cuba was wonderful and very exciting to revisit in Havana and see for the first time in Santiago de Cuba, but I do miss many of the things that I take for granted in my everyday life.

     The photos and places that I have visited in the past 8 days will fill a year of stories, so I will be able to tell you about all of these over quite a spread of time.  I'm currently at the Reef Resort on the East End of Grand Cayman.   I'm a bit late this morning getting this out, but it was late when we got in here last night.

General Antonio Maceo and his Machete wielding Army

    I got the chance to visit many places in Havana that I have never been, as well as all the places of interest in Santiago De Cuba.  Today I will just show you one of the most impressive monuments that I have ever seen.  The park that contains the massive monument and park that honor General Antonio Maseo and his machete wielding soldiers located in central Santiago de Cuba.  This was a very impressive park and show how important winning their freedom from Spain was at the end of the 1800's.  The top statement was by Antonio Maceo and the bottom one by Jose Marti.  Sorry my Spanish is not good enough to interpret today.

     I'll have more to tell you about all of my adventures in Cuba, Haiti and Grand Cayman in the next few weeks.  ;o)