Saturday, July 7, 2018

Skotlander Launchs Festival Stage Aged Rum

     Danish rum brand Skotlander will release a new expression that has been aged inside a music festival stage.  Four ex-Sherry casks containing Skotlander Rum have aged in the canvas of the Orange Stage.   The rum brand partnered with Danish music festival Roskilde to age four barrels of its organic rum inside the canvas from the festival’s Orange Stage.  In summer 2017, as the festival site was being dismantled, Skotlander wrapped four ex-Sherry casks containing rum in the canvas of the Orange Stage, where they were left to mature throughout the winter months.   Due to high humidity in the canvas, the brand hopes for less evaporation, while the higher temperatures inside the canvas may result in “tropic ageing”.  The Orange Stage, which was bought by Roskilde Festival for The Rolling Stones following their 1976 European tour, will host performances from Dua Lipa, Massive Attack and Interpol from 1-7 July.

     Anders Skotlander, the brand’s founder, said: “I am looking forward to unwrapping the barrels and tasting the rum. Maybe we will bottle it at cask strength, we will see.”   The limited edition rum will be served to all 180 artists performing at this year’s festival, including hip-hop group Gorillaz and singer Nick Cave.   Festivalgoers will be able to sample the rum at Skotlander’s Rum Lounge, where three cocktails will be served with the expression.  The remaining bottles will be available following the event through Skotlander’s website.