Saturday, March 2, 2013

Winter has Returned to Key West

   It is another blustery mornings down here in Key West.  The wind is kicking up pretty strong out of the North Northeast at about twenty something miles per hour and 64 degrees.   The really good news is the rain is gone for today and it will be partly cloudy.    Perfect weather for kite boarding, or maybe surf sailing, otherwise it is just stay in and hang on to your hat.

     When it gets to the point that the whitecaps are on the water, fishing, or "pleasure" boating are out to the question.  For the real fool hearty there are the jetski tours around the island.     That can be really exciting in this weather, not to mention chilly.   I think it is a great day to find your favorite watering hole and chill with a fun bartender and learn a bit more about the sugar cane spirits.

     Yesterday in the rain we had a huge crowd of fun loving people spending a great vacation day people watching from the porch of the Rum Bar and just plain enjoying themselves.  I get the feeling that we are going to have another fun crowd today, just like yesterday.    I suggest that if your are somewhere in this year's "winterness", find a nice warm tiki bar or better yet a nice warm spot out of the wind and enjoy the day.  ;o)