Monday, August 13, 2018

Strong Demand for Rum in the United Kingdom Gets Cornish Distilling Company to Open Rum Distillery

     UK-based Cornish Distilling Company has started work on a new distillery in Cornwall to increase its rum production.  Cornish Distilling Co has begun work on a new distillery in Bude, Cornwall.  Work on the new site in Bude, North Cornwall, began last month and will allow the company to expand distilling capabilities to 12,000 bottles a month to meet demand.  It is expected to open by the end of October 2018 and will be operational at the start of 2019.   “Our existing plant could not accommodate a larger still, fermentation area and ageing room so we have embarked on a new purpose-built plant. The new unit will incorporate a viewing and tasting area as well as a space to run distillation classes. This has been made possible with help from the RDPE Growth Program.”

     The distillery is part of a cooperation of Cornish food and drink producers at Norton Barton Artisan Food Village, owned by Fionagh and Richard Harding.  The Cornish Distilling Company produces Kalkar, a blend of rum and cold drip coffee brew, and Morvenna British White Rum and Spiced Rum.
     Richard Harding, chairman of the Cornish Distilling Co, said: “Sales growth of the existing white, spiced and coffee rums have outstripped expectations and we expect to see demand outstripping our capacity in the near future.  “Our products are made from scratch and unlike those blending we need additional space to ferment the molasses and to cask age our dark rum.