Friday, May 18, 2012

Overcast in Paradise

   The past three days have been cloudy and gloomy, but it hasn't dampened the spirits of our visitors much.   Yesterday was one of those fun filled days behind the bar with people from all across the country stopping by to visit and enjoy the spirits of the sugar cane with me.    The rain and cloudiness was just an inconvenience to most of the people that stopped by, and they were still having a fun time in Key West anyway.

     This is the great vibe of Key West, no matter what the weather, people are here to have fun and know how to enjoy themselves in spite of the weather.    You got to remember, it is still nice and warm here even when it is overcast, the warmth is what it is all about, the warmth of the people and the air.   The waters are calm and the fishing is great right now, and the coast line blends right into the sky making this feel like you are in a magic sphere.
     This is just what you need to do in your everyday life, you can look at all the gloom or you can sit high on your perch and enjoy what is laid out there in front of you.   I choose to enjoy and have fun day and maybe just go play with the rest of doom and groomer's heads on the way.     Besides you need some overcast to appreciate the sunny days when they return.   ;o)