Monday, March 14, 2011

Barefoot Man Returns to Nipper's

Barefoot Man at Nipper's

The Reef, the Sea Oats and the Beach

     This is one of the wildest and most fun concerts that you will ever attend.     Nipper's Bar and Grill on Great Guana Cay in the Abacos is the perfect setting for a Barefoot Man concert anywhere.     The breath taking view of the Atlantic Ocean beyond the barrier reef as you sit on top of a salt white sand dune sipping a Nipper's Punch.     This place has it all, beach sand dunes, swimming pool, best Pig Roast anywhere, then you throw in the Barefoot man and you got a party that rocks on late into the night and morning.     I've been in attendance for many a party at Nipper's and you really do not want to miss one if you can help it.

     If it is a party you are looking for and you like to eat, dance and drink, this party is all you.     The music of Barefoot keeps you on your feet for hours.     If you are not dancing, drinking or eating, you're not alive.     This annual event has kept many a rumstyler  talking about it for weeks and even years after attending.     I recently got together with several of my friends that were regular attendees at Nipper's for the party and they still talk about what happened and what they don't remember happening even today several years later.

     If you are of the water persuasion, the pool is directly behind the bandstand and you can hang out in and around the pool before, during, and after the party starts.     I guess it's just like the sign says, "Just walkin' up that dirt road puts a big smile on my face".     Even today as I sit at the computer and write about this party I can't help to grin a bit as I think of all the fun and crazy things that happen there every year. 

     Now is the time to make your plans for a rumstylin' extravaganza and a time that you will never forget.     I really hate it that my schedule will not allow me to attend, but you really need to try and make it.     He is playing this year both on April 1st and 2nd, so get your rooms, and passage to Great Guana Cay and "party like you were dieing".
All of us love this place and so will you once you've been there.     ;o)