Saturday, November 25, 2017

A New Study Shows That Different Alcohols Evoke Different Responses for Different People

     I found this to be an interesting article.  I know that I get different feelings when I drink different types of alcohol.  I know that I really don’t want to be drinking Tequila, because it makes me a bit on the grumpy side, where rum makes me feel good and in a happy place.  I find it interesting how the respondents to this study reacted to the different types of alcoholic beverages.
     Many drinkers claim to feel teary after a Gin &Tonic, or unusually aggressive after a shot of whisky, but researchers now say they have found new evidence to suggest different types of alcohol elicit different emotional responses.  Drinkers say they feel confident, energized, aggressive and sexy after drinking spirits
     The study, took responses from almost 30,000 people aged 18-34 and compared their thoughts after drinking spirits, red wine, white wine and beer.  After looking at the drinking habits of people across 21 countries, the study found that different drinks affect our emotional responses in varying ways.  Its results showed that 58% of people who drink spirits said they felt energized, while just 7% of red wine drinkers reported feeling the same way, and 60% of them said they felt tired.
     One third of respondents to the study were female, with the researchers noting that women were more likely than men to report each emotion when drinking a single type of alcohol.  The study found that 42% of people said they felt sexy after drinking spirits, while just 25% of red wine, 24% of white wine and only 19% of beer drinkers felt the same way.   In spirits drinkers, more people said they felt restless, aggressive and energized after drinking spirits than any other type of alcohol.