Friday, September 9, 2016

Mount Gay Rum Unveils Limited-Edition Origin Series

     For the first time in over a decade, Mount Gay Distilleries Limited has unveiled an ultra-exclusive blend: The Origin Series.   The latest expression of Mount Gay’s time honored tradition comes in the form of a limited-edition release of small-batch rums, presenting enthusiasts with two distinct experiences – Virgin Cask and Charred Cask.  

     Created by Master Blender Allen Smith, Volume One of the Origin Series will see production of just 30 barrels of each cask intended for just two markets – Barbados and the United States.   Once stocks have been exhausted, there will be no further production of this unique collectible.   Smith said the last time the distillery had produced a limited-edition rum was in celebration of the company’s 300th anniversary in 2003.

     “The introduction of the Origin Series comes at the perfect time as Mount Gay prepares to celebrate its 312th anniversary later this month. While remaining true to Mount Gay’s legacy, we are offering enthusiasts something extra special with the Origin Series”.   Volume One of the Origin Series is presented in bespoke packaging as a 375ml pairing of the Virgin Cask and Charred Cask.
The rum that is finished in the lightly toasted virgin French oak casks results in a delicate, medium-bodied spirit with notes of vanilla, citrus and sweet caramel, while the rich and amber-hued charred Cask is a mature blend of copper pot and column distillates which receives a long, slow finish in casks of deeply charred American Oak”.

     Raphael Grisoni, Managing Director of Mount Gay Distilleries Limited, said the Origin Series reaffirmed the company’s commitment to export and innovation, noting that 500 cases would also be earmarked for local distribution exclusively via the Mount Gay Visitor Centre.   “North America remains our number one export market.   We enjoy strong consumer relationships in that region and we will continue to conquer new ground for rum in the international spirits market”.