Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Monday

   Monday, a day off one that I usually fill with some type of work or another.   Today it is back to working on the book.    Ive got most of the hard part done, but today it is mixing cocktails and photographing them.    This sounds easy, but I have 60 or so to make and photograph.     Placing  the cocktail in the proper environment and then getting the lighting just right, ya simple stuff.     Really the hard part is the mixing and having the studio part ready so I can just drop the cocktail in and shoot it before the ice starts to melt and it looses that really fresh look.

     The best part is when I am done, I can't let these really tasty cocktails go to waste, so I guess I'll just have to consume them.   It is really not a great idea to feed them to the fish.    I really will have to feed several to someone other than myself, or nothing will be accomplished today.    50 or sixty cocktails, I don't think that I'll be standing for even a quarter of them.    Hemingway use to claim that he would have 14 to 16 daiquiris at the El Floridita, and he was a much heavier consumer that me.

     Monday, Monday, I digress, today it is order, write, mix, photograph.    I guess that has it covered.   I really can't procrastinate this project any longer.     Maybe just an hour please.    OK OK, I headed to the Rum Lab and get it done.   ;o)