Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Grand Tasting is Happening, Where are You Today?

     This is the final event of the 2014 Miami Rum Festival, and a chance to taste and talk to the people that produce your favorite rums.  It is an opportunity that few people ever get the chance to enjoy.  This a chance to sample the nearly 200 rums at the festival, and talk to the people that produce them.

     Many of my friends are here, and it is always a pleasure to learn more and more about the process of making rum and all of the ingenious methods that the master blenders have come up with to give you the wonderful tastes that you love in your personal favorite rum.  I enjoy not only seeing the friends from the rum world, but so many of my Rum Bar friends are here as well. 

    It is a world of beautiful people, great rum and a chance to be educated by the best of the best in the world of rum.   As you wander through the aisles and taste the rums, you will get the opportunity to talk with all of the people there making you more aware of all the nuances of fine rum.

     I find it a pleasure to sit at the "Ask a RumXP" booth, trying to answer questions about the rums and what we do as judges.  It is always very interesting to take the questions from the visitors, they sometimes as very unusual questions.

     People and Rums make very wonderful "bed fellows", there seems to be a fun aspect to the rum and it is a thread that runs through the people that are involved with it.  If you haven't found out about it, you still have today to get down to the  Miami Airport Convention Center and visit the Miami Rum Festival.  Tickets are available on line at  .

     I know I have really enjoyed the week of "rum fun" here in Miami and will so be looking forward to the show when it returns next year.  ;o)