Monday, August 18, 2014

"From Jamaica With Love"

     This campaign is the first since Gruppo Campari took over distribution of Appleton in 2013.  This is the first major new marketing campaign for Appleton Estate in some time.  The campaign was officially announced on 6 August in conjunction with the Jamaica Independence Day.  The day was commemorated by Appleton Estate in 2012 with the introduction of the  50 year old Appleton Estate Rum that commemorated 50 years of Jamaican Independence.  The video of the ad is very good and shows the real Jamaica and a great promotion for the rum.

   The From Jamaica “With Love” campaign features images and videos of the “authentic, undiscovered Jamaica”, its people and the craftsmanship behind Appleton Estate rum, each of which is accompanied by Jamaican sayings such as “Everything Come From Scratch” and “A Shut Eye See Nothing New”.
    Andrew Floor, senior marketing director, dark spirits at Campari America, said: “This new marketing campaign allows us to offer consumers a window into an authentic Jamaica – a Jamaica that delivers rum with a distinctive, rich and complex flavor found nowhere else in the world.”
     The video element of the campaign, named “Anthem”, which has been created in collaboration with Sharethrough, features music and lyrics by Jamaican musician Brushy One String, as well as Appleton Estate’s talented coopers.
     The out-of-home aspect will be rolled out to key US markets including Austin, Atlanta, Miami, Portland and Columbus.
     The ad video can be seen at
Take a look at what they have done and you might be surprised at the ad.  It is really a great ad and a good idea for the promotion of Appleton Estate Aged Rums.  ;o)