Friday, May 10, 2013

Thinking of Venezuela and Rum

   Last year I spent a very interesting week in Venezuela with some very special people.   The country is so beautiful, and some of the finest rums in the world are produced there.   Looking toward the mountains and the valleys you are taken to a new level of beauty.    The cane fields to the vegetation to the sheer beauty of the mountains are all a part of this country.   

Tito Cordero
    The climate is also perfect for producing sugar cane and thus a perfect place to make rum.   There are many places on earth that produce rum, but there are few around that overall produce more top quality premium rums like Venezuela.     Whether it be Diplomatico, Santa Teresa, Ocumare, or Pampero, you will find these rums to have extraordinary flavor.     I feel that there are so many great "Maestro Roneros" here and when I think about fine rum in Venezuela, Tito Cordero always come to mind.   It is these fine people that do the blending and control all the aspects of the rum making that make these rums so special.  

    The next time you are in a rum super store, take the time to search out some of these fine Venezuelan rums and take them home for your personal pleasure some afternoon or evening.   The Ambassador is a high end choice, but one you won't soon forget.   ;o)