Monday, April 21, 2014

Travel Day Today

     It is finally here and I'm headed to Miami with John Gibbons and Dan Silvers for the fun week of rum and friends at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.
    We are going to be "Conchy Tonkin" our way from Key West to Miami, this is going to be a blast.   Planning on hitting many of the fun establishments along the way.   It is always a fun time when you travel with these guys.

     I'll be keeping you filled in on all of the happenings with pictures and stories of new and well visited rums this week.   I know that my friends from Panama, Barbados, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Mauritius and many more will be present to fill our heads with knowledge about their rums and fill our bellies with fine rum.

     If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, they are still available through  their web site .     Hope that you enjoy my travels through the Miami Festival of Rum as much as I will living and sharing it with you.  ;o)