Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reality has Set In

     Into every warm and wonderful place a little bit of cold must fall.     Today we dropped to 48 degrees, warm by many standards, but not by the standards of those of us that live in the tropics.     It is hard to type today, my fingers are stiff, my feet are cold, and I'm wearing a parka over warm sweatshirts.     This is not the weather we signed up for, but fortunately it is going away almost as fast as it showed up.     I guess I'll have to "man up" today and live through it.   

     It is really funny to hear myself talk like this, because six years ago I'd just laugh at this temperature and maybe put on a sweat shirt and go about my business.     Today, I guess that I have acclimated to this climate and the cold really hurts.     I know it must be time to break out the rum filled flask that I got at Saba Rock in November and tip a few, just for the warmth and medicinal reasons.    Oops, I guess I'm not as tough as those California mountain girls.    

     It makes for a good story, one I've heard for several days now, but it is still cold this morning, but by Sunday we will e back in the mid seventy's and life will be back to normal.   I will still have the flask for medicinal purposes, just in case.   ;o)