Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ocumare Anejo Especial: Fine Rum from Venezuela

     Ocumare is a line of fine rums made in Ocumare du Tuy, Venezuela, a location they have being producing traditional rums from since 1950.    The company originated in Caracus in 1938, but by 1950 they grew to the point where they needed to improve the equipment and needed more space.

     The skills of master distiller and bottler Andres Colmenares comes clearly through when you taste this fine rum.   This is an extremely smooth rum that glistens with a rich reddish brown color.  This rum teases you with a complex aroma of caramel and brown sugar, plus notes of vanilla, wood, and spice.   From the first sip, the very viscous rum send notes of sweetness and caramel that turns to a chocolate and finishes with a lasting reminder of caramel and a note or two of licorice.   The experience is one that is well enjoyed and remembered.

     I am looking forward to seeing this wonderful rum on the shelves here in America very soon.  It will become an instant favorite once it reaches the shelves here in America.   ;o)