Friday, August 5, 2011

Emily Fading into History

Tropical Storm Emily looks to be fading into history, ending the possibility for our first hurricane party of the year.      Today we are experiencing some beautiful blue skies and sunshine.     This was the first storm of the season that looked as though it would have some impact on us, but it too has sort of fizzled.   

     Several of my friends were in Puerto Rico from Monday through Thursday and got to party on through out the storm.     Their trip was perfect for a stormy rum trip.     They spent Tuesday in Ponce visiting the Serralles Distillery (maker of Don Q Rums), partying on with their fine rums.    Wednesday they were at Barrilito Distillery and the Bacardi Distillery, still enjoying the fine rum and partying through the storm.   Then on Thursday with the storm subsiding it was  time to visit the Club Carine Distillery, have a little more rum and then board the plane and back to Miami.    From what Mike tells me it was a great trip in spite of that nasty lady to their south.

     For us here in Key West it was a lot of us watching the television and checking our computers to see where it was going to go.     There is still a 60% chance that it will redevelop again, but til that happens we are going to just keep the party going.     This is hurricane season, and as long as we don't have to attend one, it is still fun to party from the safety of the keys.    ;o)