Thursday, July 7, 2016

New Look for Elements Eight for 10th Anniversary

St Lucia produced rum brand Elements Eight is set for a global relaunch with new packaging and a rethought range of three expressions to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

10th Anniversary Packaging
     The new look bottles in the range are shorter than the previous design and aim to emphasize Element Eight’s “artisanal approach” and “small batch production” with a “contemporary” foiled label design.   The packaging is a radical departure for the brand, which was launched in 2006 in tall, square, sleek modern bottles, and has been designed to place greater emphasis on its small batch production.   “The contemporary feel, a key part of the brand’s identity has been evolved, whereby the bottles are shorter and the foiled label design reflects the hand-crafted ethos of the rum,” the company said.
     The range has cut its cocoa rum and now comprises three expressions – Platinum, one of the first aged white rums, which is aged for up to four years in Bourbon barrels before being charcoal-filtered to remove the color,  Elements Eight Exotic Spices, which contains a mix of ten fruits and spices, and the renamed Elements Eight Vendôme. The new name references the Vendome still – a cross between a column and pot still, which comes from Louisville in Kentucky and is used to create the rum, before it is aged for up to six years in Kentucky Bourbon barrels.
2006 Packaging
     UK-based founder Carl Stephenson,  said the rum category had seen very strong growth, particularly in the super-premium sector. “From the outset, our approach has been artisanal, working with St Lucia Distillers, investing in hand crafted production and slow aging. The new approach will better emphasize these artisanal, craft credentials which really resonate with today’s spirits drinkers,” he said.