Saturday, July 2, 2016

Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum Tiki Bartender Competition in Key West

     Join us on Monday, July 11, 2016 at The Rum Barrel in Key West for the first Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum Tiki Competition.  This is going to be an open competition for bartenders and mixologists to show their total range of skills, with great prizes for the winners as an added incentive.  The event will be held on the roof of the Rum Barrel on Front Street in Key West lending to the true tropical atmosphere that tiki is based upon.

     The event will consist of three rounds, first is a speed round to show the bartender’s behind the bar skills and dexterity and mental ability to create on the fly flavorful tiki cocktail.  The second round will be a three item tiki cocktail, showing the ability to create the most common type of cocktail found in the business.  Final round will be a "free form" tiki cocktail, showing the creative ability to make an impromptu cocktail from ingredients available.  These are the primary skills that a proficient bartender must be able to exhibit on a daily basis and the skills that will make a winner at this event.

     The contest will be judged in the first two rounds by industry leaders and international spirits judges, the final round will be judged by a panel made up of 5 people chosen from the audience on the day of the event.  All judging will be blind tastings without the panel not knowing who made each cocktail.  There is a point system for examining each cocktail that is based on appearance, flavor and overall impression.  The entrant with the most points after three rounds will be the winner.

     This is going to be a fun event for all involved and a chance for some skilled bartenders to show their skills for some really nice prizes.