Saturday, April 23, 2016

Journey to Premium Agricole with Damoiseau XO

     Agricole Rhum is not for everyone, it is very different from "industrial rums" in many ways.  Among them is a very different taste and aroma.  Agricole Rhums are made to very restrictive set of  rules compared to the "no rules" other that it must me made from a derivative of sugarcane for "industrial rums".

     Premium Agricole rhums like Damoiseau XO still follows the rule of the AOC in making their rums, but they have learned to age these rhums in such a manner that they are extremely flavorful and smooth with a wonderful slow fading finish.  Damoiseau XO has a really beautiful dark brown color, it’s nose reveals light chocolate notes followed by caramel, vanilla and hints of dried fruits.   Well balanced on the palate that brings forth flavors of spices followed by traces of caramel.    You will notice notes of roasted grains and vanilla in the back of your throat as it finishes.

     Next time you are out and about and have the opportunity to give this fine expression a try, don't miss the opportunity,  I have to admit that enjoying Agricoles has been a process for me, but this one is just plain fabulous.