Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday April 16, 2011 Jimmy Buffett Day in Florida

Capt. Tony and Jimmy Buffett
    Born on December 25, 1946, just 3 days before I was, James William Buffett, Jr. spent some of his childhood in Mobile and Fairhope, Alabama.     Graduated High School in 1964 and College with a degree in History in 1969     Jimmy Buffett has rocketed to the status of his song, "Beach House on the Moon".    The popularity of his music and tours combined with a keen business sense has made him a mogul of the industry.

Opening of the first Margaritaville Store in Key West
      Jimmy's Key West years were the formative years of the sound sometimes referred to as "Gulf and Western Music".     It is said that Jerry Jeff Walker brought Jimmy to Key West and Captain Tony gave his the stage to play on.     Jimmy began establishing the easy-going beach bum persona which has brought his to the success level he has reached today.     In 1985 he opened his first Margaritaville Store in Key West soon to be followed by a cafe of the same name.    His successes just kept skyrocketing upward and outward from there.   

2010 Free Concert in Gulf Shores

Jimmy's Charity work is very Florida oriented with the founding of the "Same the Manatee Club" in 1981.     More recently he has raised money through concerts to provide relief for victims of storms and oil spills.     Jimmy has done concerts all over the world for the relief of those in need and is one of the biggest fund raisers around because of the following and dedication to his causes by his fans. 

     Today has rightfully been set aside to honor the boy from Alabama who grew to be a giant in Florida and has done so much for so many.     Congratulations to Jimmy Buffett and I'm proud of your accomplishments through the years.     I know that it has been a long and sometimes very hard road to get to where you are, but it is worth it if you believe in what you're doing.     ;o)