Saturday, December 28, 2013

How Much Sugar is Their in Rum?

Fermentation Tanks
     I hear this question on a daily basis behind the bar.  "I can't drink rum because is has sugar, and too many carbs".   Actually, true rum is sugar free.  Rum is turned from a sugar derivative to alcohol during the fermentation and distillation, the final product is alcohol, and it is sugar free.   There is one catch to this statement though.  Some rum companies add Caramel, (burnt sugar) sugar and/or flavorings to improve the flavor and color of the straight alcohol in lieu of actually aging the product.  These do have a sugar content. 

Pot Stills
     There has been a lot of discussion about this practice around the rum blogs lately.    I feel personally that I find it a bit deceitful taking a low grade distillate and artificially making it look and taste aged by artificial means.   There are a number of very great distillers out there that still honor the time proven method of actually allowing the rum to spend the amount of time necessary to mature before putting it on the market.  These are the true spirits that make the category so wonderful to enjoy.

Bottling Area

    I hope this will answer the question about sugar in the rum.  It is in fact made from sugar cane, but when completed there is virtually no sugar left unless it is added during the finishing and bottling.

     Here is a list that was put out by the Swedish Government (Systembologot)

Rum Brand                                    Sugar Content

      Angostura 1919                                                             14 gr/l

     Appleton Estate Extra 12 Years                                    Less than 3gr/l

     Berrys' Caribbean Rum 12 Years                                  Less than 3 gr/l

     Botran Solera 1893 Gran Reserva Añejo                      9 g/l

     Dillon Très Vieux Rhum                                               Less than 3 gr/l

     Diplomático Reserva 8 Años                                        7 gr/l 

     Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva 12 Años                     41 gr/l
     El Dorado 15 Years                                                       31 gr/l
     Matusalem Solera 7                                                       Less than 3 gr/l
     Ron Barcelo` Gran Anejo                                              5 gr/l
     Ron Zacapa Gran Reserva                                             41 gr/l
     Zacapa XO                                                                     26 gr/l   
     Plantation 20th Anniv.                                                    29 gr/l
     Plantation Grand Reserve Barbados                              22 gr/l