Friday, March 22, 2013

Bahama Bob"s Cocktails and Tales

   Today is the day when "Bahama Bob's Cocktails and Tales", my new book will be on the shelves.     This has been some two years in the making and this afternoon it will be available for sale at the Rum Bar in Key West.   In the next few weeks it will be available on line.

    The book has been a two year project of research and writing about some of the classic rum cocktails and some 40 plus of my own cocktails creations.   The development of the all of the original cocktails took place in the "Rum Lab" with the help of all of the "lab mice".   This was a 6 month project that has finally come to fruition.   The spiral bound book has laminated covers and the pages are made of cover stock so the book will survive use at the bar with a minimum of care.

    This has been a labor of love for the rum cocktail.  The project was really enjoyable and rewarding effort that allowed me to glean a lot of information about so many classic cocktails doing the research for the book.  The development of the original cocktails was a very interesting task as well.  For every cocktail that made the book there were five or six that didn't work out so well.  

Some of the "Lab Mice"
     I hope you enjoy the book, it is available for $20 at the Rum Bar in Key West or on line it will be available for $20.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.   Keep an eye on the blog for the on-line availability, still having some issues getting it set up this week.   ;o)