Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rumstylin out with Mike Streeter

Mike at the Cockspur Beach Club in Barbados
      Who's Mike Streeter you ask?     He is a good friend and a Chicago born purveyor of rum and other cane spirits.     This former fund raiser has lived all over the world and visited many other places as an ambassador for cane spirits.     This is a real Rumstyler if there ever was one.     He is some of those people who is never without a friend even in a new environment.   Today he is in semi-retirement having too much fun here in Key West, Florida.

Mike at a "photo opp"
                                                  Mike is the owner of the very successful  a website that is dedicated to rum and all the events and happenings that bring us closer to those events.     He also publishes a booklet that is circulated around Key West called "Drink Up Key West".     If there is a rum event here in Key West, you can bet that he will be involved in it and the event will be wildly successful.     Mike as a member of Rum XP, a group of rum specialists that travel world-wide in order to promote rum and judge them for rum tasting events, Mike's opinion on cane spirits is widely looked upon and a source of first rate information.

Mike and Mike with the "Green Elvis"
      I recently went out to observe the world of night time Key West with Mike on a "fact finding mission" to discover how people function during a "super moon".     The evening was just a laugh a minute as we arrived by dinghy at Schooner Wharf Bar and then after hanging there for a while, went downtown to Duval Street.     Streeter on Duval Street is an event that you just don't want to miss, we even found Elvis in Green, hiding his face, but getting two thumbs up from Mike anyway.    

     The best thing is no matter what we are involved with it is a fun event and generally very successful, either as a business venture or just plain fun event.     Stop by his web site and get a rumstylin education.   ;o)