Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Havana Through the Windshield

     Havana for all it's beauty and charm is after all made up of very industrious and colorful people.  Traveling in the taxi on different days to different parts of the city, I was able to see a very different side of the city.  It is a side that is about it's people, where they live and how they get from place to place.   The city is very much like many other large cities that I have visited, but it seems trapped in the 50's.   I find this to be very charming and fascinating to see how they can be so innovative.  They can make marvelous things from cast offs and scrap like no place that I have ever been.   

     The city is very clean and the country sides are well manicured and beautiful as well.   They are very proud of their heritage and what they have accomplished.    I find that I can't seem to get enough of the island, the people love to show me so much about their country, rum, and are so happy to share the culture.

      Making the venture is a difficult process, but is so worth the effort.  You will experience so many places and things that the stories and rumors of the island can't even begin to cover.   Just enjoy the pictures and let them take you there and travel with me through the streets and highways. 

     Soon, maybe we will all be able to just hop onto our boats, planes and ferries to make the short trip from Key West to Havana and enjoy all of these sights anytime we care to just like they did in the days of Hemingway and Josie Russell ;o)