Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thoughts on St. Lucia and her Rums

     The tiny island of St. Lucia in the southern Caribbean is a lush place of beauty that is loaded with natural resources that make rum production a must.   This island is home to some of the fine rums of the world, putting brands like Admiral Rodney and Chairman's Reserve on our shelves.   The St. Lucia Distillers Group make a wide variety of products besides the fine rums, a product list that can fill an entire table.

     Admiral Rodney is the flagship of the St. Lucia Distillery Group, and as it should be.  This is a very nice high quality rum that averages 12 years of age that will become close to 15 years as older rum become available for the blender.     The rum is aged in Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Buffalo Trace Barrels and then later blended for flavor.     This is a very bright amber rum with a complex and inviting aroma.   The palate reveals a sweet caramel and chocolate  flavor that is highlighted by notes of spice oak brought about by long aging.   The finish is of an exceptional length and balances out the entire experience.

     The Island of St Lucia is a paradise and the rums are of the same high quality.   This was a really great day that I got to spend visiting the island and the very innovative distillery.   ;o)