Friday, June 2, 2017

Bacardi and Jillionaire Announce Major Lazer Limited Edition Rum

Major Lazer
     The latest part of the “Sound of Rum Campaign”, Bacardi has created this limited edition rum in collaboration with Trinidadian DJ and music producer Jillionaire, who has been appointed as Bacardi’s ‘minister of rum’.  Bacardi has forged a relationship with the American electronic music trio Major Lazer that launched an experiential campaign featuring multimedia events, music offerings and rum releases.
     Major Lazer took a trip to the Bacardi distillery in Puerto Rico, where they worked alongside Maestro de Ron Manny Oliver to develop three different blends – one of which later became Bacardi’s latest Major Lazer Limited Edition.
Unveiled in Berlin at the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition, the liquid is a blend of light and dark rums aged between three and four years, offering notes of tropical fruit, cedar, almonds and vanilla. 
Major Lazer Rum
Speaking of Major Lazer’s visit to the Bacardi distillery, the brand’s global advocacy director Jacob Briars said: “There are lots of people who are fascinated by the process of making spirits, but Jillionaire was passionate about it”.   At the same time as debuting the new expression, Briars announced Jillionaire as Bacardi’s ‘minister of rum’ – someone who “shares the brand’s unique passion and spirit to help revolutionize the rum category”. “I’m truly passionate about rum, its craft and its Caribbean heritage. I grew up in Trinidad, where rum is a big part of the culture, and I worked in bars for many years learning how to master the perfect rum cocktail,” said Jillionaire.   “As minister of rum at Bacardi, I hope to further deepen Bacardi’s connection to music and embed the Sound of Rum into broader culture.”
      ‘The Sound of Rum’ concept is a way to “connect Bacardi’s island roots to modern music”, and has since become a “cultural and creative movement”.   “It’s been exciting working with Jillionaire over the last few months – we’ve seen his talent first hand and he’s a true rum aficionado,” said Zara Mirza, global head of creative excellence at Bacardi.

     Bacardi Major Lazer Limited Edition Rum will be available across the US in summer, and is slated to hit retail shelves in June at a suggested price of $19.99. Bacardi expects to be rolling it out to select international markets in September.