Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer is Almost Officially Over

    September 22nd is the official end of summer for 2012, and I can hardly believe that it disappeared so quickly this year.    I'm lucky I guess being able to make a living here in the tropics where it is a little harder to tell summer from fall, but I'm seeing some changes in Temperature and the first signs of leaves changing colors in the northern tier of states.   This is a great time to take advantage of the warm evenings and get to know a new rum on the patio before the colder seasons return.

    There ares so many new rums on the market now, and I'm really not going to give you a list, this is not the purpose for the article.    The idea is for you to take a few minutes walking the aisles of your favorite liquor store and discover a new rum, it could be a great new discovery that will become your new favorite.    This is the fun of becoming a rum aficionado.   It is the exploration and locating and trying a new rum for the first time.   A really great tool to use for research about different rums that are out on the market today is Rob's Rum Guide, a great pamphlet that Robert Burr produces and reviews over 300 different rums.   You can look at the book and order it on line at   This will help you in narrowing down you rums that you will probably be interested in.

   With a little bit of investigation you too will be on the back porch enjoying a snifter of fine rum, relaxing and easing away the stress of your day in the evening hours.   Enjoy your special rum in your own special way to celebrate another summer coming to an end here in the northern hemisphere.   ;o)