Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ron Mocambo 20 Anos and the Caribbean

 The second full day in Cancun found me taking a trip down to the malls of the "Zona Hotelera" looking for something in a good Mexican rum.   At the little tequila museum in the Kukulkacan Mall, I found the a bottle of "Ron Mocambo 20 Anos Edicion de Arte".  This is in my opinion the finest rum that comes from Mexico.   The day was spent traipsing through the various malls and shops in the "Hotel Zone" in search of some new rums.    There are a thousand or more tequilas, but very few rums, especially ones that are made here in Mexico.
     The Mocambo 20 Anos is a relatively dark mahogany colored rum with a slightly woody almost desert dusty and semi sweet eye opening aroma that leads to an aged oakey flavor that is only the start of a leathery tobacco flavors that hit the back of your mouth.   The rum is dry on the finish and still has the smokey taste that led you from the palate.   All in all this is a really enjoyable rum as I sit on the veranda of the room overlooking the ocean.
     Today is one of the days that as usual, clouds up in the afternoon and makes for a perfect atmosphere to just relax and enjoy the tantalizing flavors of the Mocambo along with the company of good friends make for a very enjoyable afternoon.  This is really what a vacation is really all about.  The rest, the seeing of things that I want to see when I want to see them, and no schedule to follow.    I try very hard to keep this that way with out being carried here and there on tours, appointments, or other obligations.  It is what I want to experience on my own terms.   ;o)