Friday, August 9, 2013

Taking Rum Cocktails from So So to So Great

     As I stand behind  the Rum Bar in Key West making cocktails for my guests, I find myself wondering why they are so happy with their cocktails
here so much more than in the party zone.   The question seems to be the quality of the ingredient and the care put into mixing them.    

     Making cocktails pretty much from scratch rather than from commercial mixes is a huge difference.  For instance a Pina Colada made with some mix and adding well rum is not going to taste nearly as good as one that is made to the original recipe of Crème of coconut, pineapple juice, and rum.    The drinks are also improved by shopping the market for the best tasting well rum available by sampling rather that just choosing on based on what the distributor has cheapest.  Believe me there are several really inexpensive  white rums out there that actually are smooth and don't tear up you palate.  All it takes is some research time to find them, then keep the good rums on the well.

     Taking the time to make each drink fresh .  Taking the time to make the drinks correctly as they were in Mojito that is made from scratch with fresh lime juice, fresh mint and a proper sweetener.  All of the little things that "speed bars" overlook, are what make a crafts bar presentations so much tastier.
tended makes a huge difference.   The cocktail class of today is looking for a that real daiquiri, or a

    If you haven't been to a crafts bar before, find one in your locale, the differences are huge and the personal enjoyment will make you question why you haven't been in one before.  ;o)