Friday, January 6, 2012

Guana Cay in the Abaco's

    Great Guana Cay is part of the Abaco group of Cays in the Eastern Bahamas.     This is one of the most exciting cays in the entire chain of cays.     It features great beach bars, restaurants, and some of the most exciting live music and party's anywhere.     This cay features major events for Easter, the Sailing Regatta, and the Barefoot Man yearly, or sometimes even more ofter.

     Nipper's in the most famous of the beach bars on the island, but there is a newcomer making some noise call Grabbers that is following close behind.     Nipper's is famous for its Sunday Pig Roasts and big live music events like when the Barefoot Man comes to town every March.     Sitting on top of the sand dune looking over the third largest barrier reef in the world, Nipper's is so much fun to be there and a part of the fun and beauty of Guana Cay.

     Grabber's is the "new" place in town, but was the first actually, known as the "Guana Harbor Club"when it opened in 1960's, then it became the "Guana Beach Resort" with an owner change.  Today it  has been resurrected from severe damage and a fire at the hands of Hurricane Floyd in 2001.      Operating with the air of it's roots of a laid back and comfortable lifestyle, Grabbers is a fun spot to while away some time and party on Guana Cay.

     There are restaurants, lodging, shops and fun all only steps from the government docks that the ferry from Marsh Harbor or Treasure Cay drop you off at.    Come and try all of the fun and pleasure of Guana Cay.   ;o)