Thursday, February 23, 2017

Things are Moving Along Well in Mooresville

     Two days behind me and a lot of progress has been made.  The exterior of the house has been pressure washed and re stained, paint is progressing well on the interior.  The roofers start replacing the roof today and the flooring people arrive on Monday.
      In the mean time, I’m playing lumberjack.  The yard is suffering from major over growth.  I’ve cut down a couple of trees and pruned many many more to go.  Today it is back inside to replace a couple of vanities and ad some crown moldings.     The progress is good, things are moving right along and the list is getting shorter.  I’m afraid that I will be here for a full two weeks.  Currently planning on driving back on Monday the 6th of March. 

     The important thing to me is that I'm getting a lot done each day in a lot of different areas.  Yesterday was demo on the old deck by the pond and some work on building a new well cover.  The painting and plastering is moving along well.  I feel like on the Flip or Flop Show.  Only difference is that I don't have a crew to come in to take care of a lot of this stuff.

     The old body will be needing a break by then.  Dock to repair and a ton of clean-up around the yard.  2 ½ acres is a lot of area and lots of things to take care of.  Looking forward to having this chore behind me.   I need a Karaoke break, but there will be none for the next couple of weeks.