Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Traveling to Grand Cayman Today

    Marta and I are taking a trip to Grand Cayman for a few days, a little chance to get away together and see the fun things of Grand Cayman.   We will be spending the most of the early part of the day traveling from Key West to Miami to Grand Cayman, but if all goes right we will be visiting Walker Romantica at the Cayman Spirits Company Distillery this afternoon.

    A visit with Walker and his crew is always very interesting.  They always
seem to have some new innovation to create new or better spirits.  The have a very nice distillery and seem to be coming up with new exciting expressions every time that I visit him.

     We are staying at the Wyndham Reef Resort on the East end of Grand Cayman.  This is a great resort that we have stayed at several times before.  It has great rooms and plenty of activities to keep us busy.  I always love watching the sunrise from the beach just outside of my room.  The evenings are always entertaining as well.

     Saturday we return to Seven Mile Beach for the final day and will be staying there before leaving to return home on Sunday morning.  I will be sending out daily reports of all the cool places and thing that are happening on the trip.