Monday, February 9, 2015

"Conchy Tonkin" Down the Florida Keys

      Miami's Tasting Table Magazine featured a very interesting article about places to stop and see as you travel down the Florida Keys.   Jimmy Buffett did a song about traveling down the Keys called "Conchy Tonkin'", talking about a couple's fun trip down U.S. 1 and all the fun watering holes as they wander from Key Largo to Key West, this also adds the foodie places as well.  The trip is a fun one and if you are contemplating going to Key West, give some though to flying to Miami and rent a car and spend a day driving to Key West and experience the fun along the way.  The trip if you don't stop takes about 3 to 4 hours, but if you do it right it is an all; day affair and a whole lot of fun.  You can drop off the rental car in Key West and then fly back, but that journey is a great one, but you will consume a full day doing it.

    The article mentions many of the fun watering holes along the way and where to stop and have a fun well made cocktail as well.  Last April two friends and I did a day long ride to Miami hitting many of the fun places along the way and had a really fun time of it.  There are literally hundreds of places to stop to see, eat or drink, but you won't be able to take in all of them on any given trip.  

    I'm proud to be a part of the article along with The Rum Bar in Key west as well.  "Key West's Mallory Square On your way to snapping a priceless photo at the famous Southernmost Point buoy, pay a visit to rum savant and local mini-celebrity Bahama Bob at his quaint The Rum Bar at the Speakeasy Inn. If there ever was a time and place to indulge in a Painkiller ($8), this would be it."

     You can read the entire article at

     Take the ride to the end of the road and see all of the really fun places and great vies of the ocean as you drive down the Florida Keys and be able to look out one side of your car and see the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico out the other side as you cross the bridges to Key West, especially the "Seven Mile Bridge as you leave Marathon.  Take the trip, you'll never forget this one.  ;o)