Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Know it is Snowing at Your House

     Winter has arrived in Key West as well, it is cloudy, misty and grey this morning.   The only thing different is that we are boasting a "balmy 64 degrees" this morning.   I know you don't feel sorry for me.  

     It isn't the temperature, but the total grey out of the day.  It even changes the color of the water to match the gloomy skies.   These are the days down here where I would rather just pull the blankets back over my head and think about the beautiful warm sunny days that are returning tomorrow.  

     I thank goodness that it is a work day where I will be inside and fixing fine cocktails for my friends that are in town and not really see the day itself.  It will be dark when I go home and that is just fine as well, because it is only partly cloudy and in the 80's again tomorrow.  I just know that when waters will be blue and teal again and all will be right with my world.   ;o)