Friday, June 24, 2011


     This is one of those days that seems to speak for itself.     For most folks it marks the end of the week, for others like myself it's the middle of the week, but it seems to bring some excitement to everyone's minds.     Even though it is my midweek marker, it means that the bar will be coming to life this afternoon and happy peeps from all over.     They will be arriving in Key West to have a crazy weekend of fun and frolic.      It always amazes me where people arrive here from, and how new ones seem to keep coming week after week, and  from so many different places.    

     Standing behind the bar in Key West is a wonderful place to get to meet and carry on conversations with so many really colorful people.     The funny thing is you never know who you're going to have walk through the door from on day today, or even from one minute to another.     On the day of the "Rapture ", Jesus came in saying "Dad we're running a little late", on another day a pair of fully outfitted "Punkers" dropped by to visit us.     Colorful is the name of the game down here and very much a part of why I really like Key West so much.     It seems that when you think it couldn't get any farther over the top, something pops up that proves you wrong again and your smiles grow larger.    It seems that Friday's are great days to expect the unexpected.

     No matter where you are today, make sure if today really is your "Friday,"get out and have some fun this afternoon or evening, make sure to let off the steam from your long week.     Be a good rumstyler and do it safely so you can be here on Saturday.     ;o)