Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sang Som Rum Another Rum From Thailand

       Sang Som Special Rum is a newer brand making it's first appearance in November of 1977.  It is not an unknown brand though, currently holds a position of 70% of the rum sales in Thailand and again beginning to be seen internationally as well.   Sang Som is the flagship brand of Thai Beverage Plc.. Thai Beverage, Plc. also produces Mekhong, Ruang Khao, and Sang Som Gold Medallion, all made from sugar cane.  My friend Jack DeVan brought me this bottle back from his visit to Thailand last month.  

     Sang Som has won gold medals in Madrid in 1982, 1983, and 2006 Dusseldorf in 1983, these medals are prominently displayed on the label.

    The rum is made from crushed sugar cane and aged in whiskey and bourbon barrels.  You pick up the classic grassy notes immediately with sweeter dried fruit later.   The sweet palate is natural and not unlike some of the better agricoles.  It has a warm finish that is smooth and very long lasting.

   A very nice surprise and I can understand why it has won so many gold metals.  ;o)