Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maimi Rum Renaissaince Festival Results and James Bond on the Same Day

 The results of the judging from the 2011 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival are out and there were some surprises.       You can view the results at .     Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all of the producers that participated in the competition. 

     This was a very enlightening experience for me and one I'll not likely forget in the near future.    Again thanks to all of the rum producers and the Burr's for a job well done in making the 2011 Miami Rum Renaissance a huge success.  

Enough of the old news and on to the fun stuff.     Yesterday afternoon as I walked back down the docks toward the boat and a little bit of relaxation, I noticed a tower of whit water out in the gulf.    After pausing to look, I really wasn't sure what I was seeing, so I continued to wander back to the boat and some feet up in the air time with a nice little sipping rum.

     About 10 or so minutes later I heard an odd noise out side of the boat so I peaked out the window and lo and behold I saw 007 and his water rocket pack flying into the marina.    I don't have to tell you that it surprised me when I saw what it really was.      Being the good journalist that I am, I grabbed the camera and went out to document the entire affair so you folks would think the 60's had come back to haunt me.     This machine is really cool, he drops down and raises up with the twist of a and grip throttle and is able to steer it where he wants to go.    I have no Idea who it belongs to who manufactured it, but it is a real 21st century marvel.

     What a day, I go back to work today at the Rum Bar so I wonder what little wonders will be lurking around today.     ;o)

2011 RumXP Judges
Luis and Margaret Ayala
Dirk Becker
Forrest Cokely
Bob Davies
Juan del Busto
Joe and Nicole Desmond
Chip Dykstra
Nick Feris
Lyndon Higginson
Peter and Pauline Holland
Adam Kanter
Pavol Kazimir
Bob Leonard
Roger Patteson
Matt Robold
Dave Russell
Arturo Sighinolfi
Mike Streeter
Rene van Hoven
Ian Williams
Kristina Wolfe
Rocky Yeh