Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mezan Guyana Rum

     Mezan is one of the unique brands of rum in the world of rum.  It out sources all of its rums from some of the finest distilleries around.  The rum is then aged 8 years at the distillery in the Caribbean before it is brought to England for the resting of the rum to be completed.  Mezan does not cold filter or put any additives or coloring to their rums.   Mezan does all their rums in small batches, usually around 3000 bottles of each expression.   Currently they have three different expressions on the market, Panama 2006, Jamaica XO, and Guyana 2005.

Diamond Distillery Wooden Pot Still

     Mezan Guyana 2005 is made at the Diamond Distillery in Guyana in the Double Wooden Pot Still.  The distillery is very unique in that it is an operational museum.  The wooden pot stills there are nearly 300 years old and the only operational ones of their kind still in use.

     The flavor of this rum is exceptional, which I found to be a surprise
because of its light color.  What you get when you sit it is all naturally coming from the barrels that is was rested in.  This does have interesting flavor because you pick up some green pepper notes as you sip this one.  The big pot still flavor comes through and a flavor that can't be made any other place in the world.  The double pot still lends itself to a one of a kind expression.