Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Bahama Mama: Finally a Believable Origin

   The "Bahama Mama" is a favorite tropical cocktail that can be found all over the Caribbean.  The story about Oswald Greenslade in "The Spirits Business" I feel like has found a realistic source for the famed cocktail.

     "It all began at the young age of 14 when Greenslade left his school books behind and eventually entered the lucrative hotel business. Ultimately, Greenslade found his way into the magical world of concocting flavorful spirits. He said that at first he was just going to try it and see if it fits. Well, he's been trying it ever since and obviously it fits!"

     "Approximately two and a half years ago, "Slade," as he is affectionately called decided that he wanted to give back some of his expertise. Consequently, he began compiling his life work. Greenslade explained that he took pen to paper and started recording what he had stored in his mind. He said, "Learning to use the computer was my hardest obstacle." According to Greenslade, "There were many sleepless nights of remembering, writing and researching." The result of his endeavors can now be appreciated in his colorful and informative book, One More Cocktail."


    Greenslade's book, One More Cocktail contains more that 1000 recipes for his cocktails and makes for a very interesting reading and a helpful book of true Bahamian Cocktails.   Currently, Oswald is working at "The Poop Deck" restaurant and bar in Nassau, where he is still creating all of those famous cocktails, in addition to selling and signing his books for his customers.  This man is  a very special one with so much ability and talent.  he seems to be able to accomplish anything that he sets his mind to.

      "My name is Oswald Greenslade and I have been a bartender in The Bahamas for over 50 years. For the first time ever, I am sharing all my original cocktail recipes with you. Not only am I giving you the secrets to many years of success, but I am also going to share with you a brief history lesson of The Bahamas."

     "I hope you relish this unique insight of The Bahamas and enjoy the new drink recipes I now pass on to you."

    "And, remember - It is Better in The Bahamas!"

   "As you do".

     Oswald Greenslade
     Professional Mixologist/Bartender

     Read more and order Oswald Greenslade's Book at

Bahama Mama
·  2 oz. Dark Rum.
·   1 oz. Light Rum

Place all ingredients in a 16 oz. glass filled with ice and shake until chilled, garnish with a Maraschino Cherry and an  Orange Slice.
I was not able to get what I can verify as being the accrual original recipe, but this one seems to be the most consistently written